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Contreras from East L.A. and Tito from Guatemala

Marco Gonzalez Rodriguez y hijos comprando pollos con Andres Huron

Jose Raymund Apostol Edito Rodriguez from Philippines Purchasing Fowl

From Vietnam Toon and Brother 12/09

Visitors from Philippines 2009

Feeding time 2009

Hawaill visit 01-05-09 Marshall

Travis Beyer in Hawaii 01-05-09

Luis Martinez and Father visiting Huron Game Farm 03-22-09

Ozcar Deleon and Andy Huron

Pancho Garza, Andres Huron Jr, Cheve Martinez

La Familia Flores de Guadalajara Mexico

Visitors from Mexico

Arnel Castaneda and friends selecting fowl 2009

A big thanks to Joey Melendres for showing me around Australia

Levi Panganiban Phillipines with a Huron Lemon 2008

Lic Hector Sandoval de Granja El Jaripo with a Huron Lemon 2007

Gerry Muyna & Family visiting Huron Game Farm 2007

Ashlyn Huron 2007 two years with Lemon Hatch Stag

Alberto Sanchez y hijo Jose Manuel Sanchez de Mexico D.F. Andres Huron, and Menchito from California Dec. 2006

Arturo Valtierra, Miguel Gonzalez y Luis Arturo Valtierra friends and customers of Andres Huron from Leon Guanajuato Mexico

PoPo Guzman, Panchito Garza, Beto Cortez, Mario Faz, Junior Alvarez, Andrew Huron, Mario Garza, and Javier Garza

Party at Huron Farm 2006

Panchito, Polo, Mario Faz, Doctor

Panchito, Andrew, Andres 4-2006

Panchito Garza and Polo

John S. & Chito with a Huron Dark Hatch in the Philippines 2006

John S. & Chito with a Huron Dark Hatch in the Philippines 2006

Panchito Garza 2006

Visit to the Farm 2005

Junior Alvarez, Andres Huron, Ramon Luna, and Beto Cortez

Andres Huron and Panchito Garza

Ariel Huron , 4 yrs with Lemon rooster 2005

Devon Huron, 6 yrs old with lemon rooster 2005

Andres speaking with public 2005

Homenaje 2005

Homenaje 2005

Homenaje 2005 Andres Huron, Guillermo Fuentes, Andrew Huron

Andres Huron and Fidel Alvarez JR 2005

Skunky, Andres Huron, Andy Huron, Joe Zuniga "Crazy Joe", and Dan Nicks 1995

Lic. Miguel Cuenca and Andres chico 1995

Andres with "Crazy Joe" Zuniga 1995

Andres feeding chickens 1994

Andres with baby chicks 1994

Andres feeding chickens 1994

Mike Sada, Andres Huron, Schultz 1992

Andres, Andy, Marty Diver, Schultz 1992

Andres separating eggs 1989

Dan Gray and Andy Huron 1982

Pancho Garza and Javier Garza 1974


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